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  • Which grape varieties are used to produce Clairette de Die?

    The main grape varieties used to produce Clairette de Die are Clairette blanche and Muscat. They bring delicate aromas of white flowers, citrus and exotic fruit to the wine.

  • How long can you keep a bottle of Clairette de Die?

    Clairette de Die is generally appreciated in its youth, when it is at its freshest and most sparkling. However, some cuvées can be aged for a few years and develop more complex flavors.

  • What are the special features of the Diois terroir for the production of Clairette de Die?

    The Diois benefits from a sunny climate and limestone soils, which favor the ripening of the grapes. The region's geographical and geological conditions contribute to the quality and unique expression of Clairette de Die.

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