Free delivery on orders of 4 cartons or more
Free delivery on orders of 4 cartons or more
Free delivery on orders of 4 cartons or more
Free delivery on orders of 4 cartons or more
Free delivery on orders of 4 cartons or more
Free delivery on orders of 4 cartons or more
Free delivery on orders of 4 cartons or more
Free delivery on orders of 4 cartons or more
Free delivery on orders of 4 cartons or more
Free delivery on orders of 4 cartons or more

Visit Die

Die Tourist Guide


Welcome to Die, a picturesque destination nestled in the beautiful Drôme region of France. Known for its rich historical heritage, vibrant culture and enchanting landscapes, Die offers travelers an unforgettable experience. In this travel guide, we'll introduce you to the wonders of Die and the surrounding area, from historic sites to outdoor activities and local gastronomy.

Vercors Regional Nature Park

visit Vercors

Die is the southern gateway to the Vercors Regional Nature Park, a true paradise for nature lovers. This park is home to towering mountains, dense forests and steep cliffs. Hike the picturesque trails, discover unique species of flora and fauna and marvel at the breathtaking panoramas.

Vineyards and Clairette de Die

Jaillance vine

The Die region is famous for its vineyards and production of Clairette de Die, a renowned sparkling wine. Meet the local winemakers, visit the cellars and taste this delicious effervescent cuvée. Let yourself be seduced by the unique aromas and flavors of Clairette de Die. Be sure to visit the Cave de Jaillance, one of the region's most renowned producers. Learn more about the production process and taste different Clairette de Die grape varieties.

Picturesque Villages


Don't miss the opportunity to visit the charming villages surrounding Die. Between lavender fields and traditional stone houses, these villages exude an authentic, peaceful atmosphere. Explore Saillans, Châtillon-en-Diois, Pontaix and other picturesque villages, and soak up the beauty of the French countryside.

The Die and Diois Museum

Museum of die and diois

To learn more about Die's fascinating history, visit the Musée de Die et du Diois. You'll discover artifacts, paintings and exhibits that trace the town's evolution through the centuries. Immerse yourself in the past and be surprised by the captivating stories of this region.

The banks of the Drôme

Gorge de la Drôme

The Drôme offers a breathtaking natural spectacle. Take an adventure along the river and discover breathtaking scenery. Enjoy swimming, canoeing or hiking to explore these spectacular gorges and soak up the beauty of the surrounding nature.

 The Drôme is a precious resource, so take good care of it: don't leave any garbage behind, don't light any fires and opt for mineral sunscreen to avoid polluting the river.

Notre-Dame de Die Cathedral

Die Cathedral M.M.Minderhoud

Start your visit with a stop at the majestic Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Die. With its impressive Gothic architecture and colorful stained glass windows, this cathedral is a true masterpiece. Explore its interior and feel the peace that reigns in this sacred place.

Visit Die

Le MuséObulles

A must for your visit to Die is the Muséobulles Jaillance. Immerse yourself in the sparkling world of Clairette de Die through fun, interactive exhibits. Discover the history of this emblematic beverage, learn more about the production process and explore the different varieties of Clairette de Die. A visit to Muséobulles Jaillance is both informative and entertaining, offering a unique experience for wine lovers and the curious alike.

Jaillance experiences

Enjoy unforgettable moments Jaillance

Immerse yourself in a world of exceptional experiences at Maison Jaillance. We invite you to discover the very essence of our expertise, where tradition and innovation meet to offer you unique moments.
Cave Jaillance produces AOC sparkling wines (Clairette de DieCrémant de Die) and still AOC wines (Châtillon-en-Diois). Discover and taste the different Jaillance cuvées. 

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Grande Cuvée Icône - Organic Crémant de Die

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