Free delivery on orders of 4 cartons or more
Free delivery on orders of 4 cartons or more
Free delivery on orders of 4 cartons or more
Free delivery on orders of 4 cartons or more
Free delivery on orders of 4 cartons or more
Free delivery on orders of 4 cartons or more
Free delivery on orders of 4 cartons or more
Free delivery on orders of 4 cartons or more
Free delivery on orders of 4 cartons or more
Free delivery on orders of 4 cartons or more

Tasting at Jaillance

Tasting workshops


Let yourself be swept away by an unforgettable tasting experience at Jaillance, a renowned winery in Die, France. Immerse yourself in the art of winemaking by discovering a wide range of exceptional sparkling and still wines. Accompanied by passionate sommeliers, explore the subtle aromas and delicate flavors of each cuvée, while learning the secrets of their elaboration. In an idyllic setting surrounded by picturesque vineyards, let yourself be seduced by the elegance and finesse of Jaillance wines. Whether you're an enthusiast or simply curious, this tasting will take you on a unique sensory journey, where each sip reveals the soul and authenticity of the Die region.

Jaillance tasting workshops

A workshop for wine and Clairette tasting is a fun and convivial experience. Whether you're with family or friends, whether you're looking for activities for your company seminar or just curious and in search of new discoveries, come away from our workshops with wine and Clairette tasting enriched with new knowledge about terroir, grape varieties, winemaking techniques, etc.

Designed for novices, amateurs and experienced oenologists alike, our workshops on Clairette de Die tasting will help you discover the specificities of sparkling wines, so that you can develop a better understanding of this exceptional wine. Take advantage of this opportunity to share convivial moments and exchange knowledge about wine.

Tasting workshops in Die

An experience not to be missed

Enjoy an experience that will appeal to all your senses, an exclusive sensory experience. Depending on your expectations, our wine and Clairette tasting workshops can focus on the following activities:


  • Our sommelier will introduce you to the history of our company, explaining its terroir, the people who make it up, our know-how and our local roots.
  • The workshop begins with an introduction to Clairette de Die. We present the particularities and production methods of this sparkling wine.
  • Observe our wines through their color and brilliance. Our sommelier will be able to explain the visual characteristics to look for, such as color nuances and effervescence.
  • Then let your sense of smell do the talking and savour the delicate aromas of Clairette de Die as you enjoy your meal. wine tasting. You'll be guided through an array of aromas, with lychee, white flowers and rose.
  • Enjoy Clairette to the full. You'll come to understand the different sensations, such as the balance between acidity and sweetness, the texture on the palate and the persistence of flavors.
  • Our wine and Clairette tasting workshop continues to include food and wine pairing suggestions to enhance the flavors of Clairette. Examples of dishes or appetizers that go divinely with this sparkling wine may be suggested.
  • Finish your tasting with a visit to MuséObulles, a unique and atypical experience that plunges you into the world of sparkling wines in France, and Clairette de Die in particular.

Clairette de Die Jaillance tasting

Experience a
experience unique

Throughout the wine, Crémant and Clairette tastingAsk the sommelier your questions, share your taste impressions with friends and colleagues, and let yourself be carried away by the captivating aromas and delicate flavours of the wines selected.

Start with this wine tasting workshop and Clairette with expert advice on how to choose the wines that match your preferences, and above all, a renewed passion for the fascinating world of sparkling wines.

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Jaillance experiences

Enjoy unforgettable moments Jaillance

Immerse yourself in a world of exceptional experiences at Maison Jaillance. We invite you to discover the very essence of our expertise, where tradition and innovation meet to offer you unique moments.
Cave Jaillance produces AOC sparkling wines (Clairette de DieCrémant de Die) and still AOC wines (Châtillon-en-Diois). Discover and taste the different Jaillance cuvées. 

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Grande Cuvée Icône - Organic Crémant de Die

Pour 4 cartons de bulles dioises achetés (clairette and crémant de Die) + 2 bouteilles offertes de Crémant de Die Icône.

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