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Impériale 75 cl - Clairette de Die

Impériale - Clairette de Die

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AOC Clairette de Die (box of 6)

A truly exceptional Clairette de Die that will delight all your senses!

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The vintage distinguishes ...


This sweet sparkling wine regularly wins awards in the most prestigious competitions:

- Silver medal at Concours Général Agricole 2023

- Gold medal at the Concours Général Agricole 2020

The medals won by our sweet sparkling wines are not systematically affixed to our bottles. Bottles without a visible "macaron" are, however, of equivalent quality.


On her dress

A beautiful golden hue, this sweet sparkling wine from the finest harvests offers wonderful fresh, delicate sensations.

On the nose

A subtle fragrance of lychee, tea leaves and light citrus zest.

At the palace

On the palate, it's like biting into a muscatel.

More information ...

90% Muscat blanc à petits grains, 10% Clairette blanche

Since ancient times, the Die region has been renowned for its famous sparkling wine, Clairette de Die. Jaillance is the story of a handful of winemakers who, buoyed by the success of this naturally sparkling wine, were keen to pass on their passion and know-how to others.

This sweet sparkling wine is vinified using an ancestral method.

Product of France
Produced by Cave à vins de Die Jaillance F-26150 DIE
1 bottle of Clairette Cuvée Impériale 75 cl = about 7 glasses
8.0 % vol

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