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Bellecour - Bitter
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Bellecour - Bitter Bigallet

Bellecour Bitter Bitter

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Bitter Amer (single bottle)

Bellecour Bitter Bitter 18°

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The vintage distinguishes ...



On her dress

Its Amber color is natural, enhanced by fruit and plant extracts.

On the nose

Very fruity top notes, dominated by citrus, with the delicate, gourmand impertinence of mandarin.

At the palace

On the finish, a pleasant bitterness provided by Gentian and Quinquina.

More information ...

In 1872, Félix Bigallet created recipes for bitter liqueurs, including the famous "Amer Citronné".

Bellecour Bitter Amer brings together all Bigallet's expertise in citrus fruits and herbs for a fruity, finely bitter aperitif.

Our spirits are distilled from organic orange peel and a blend of a dozen selected plants.

Then we add herbal infusions, roots and citrus fruits to give a pleasant bitterness (gentian, cinchona, bitter orange peel...).

Finally, we add fine touches of lemon, grapefruit and mandarin essence.

Product of France
Manufactured by Bigallet F-38730 VAL DE VIRIEU
1 70 cl bottle = approx. 24 glasses
18.0 % vol

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