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Disposable breathalyzer


Disposable chemical asthylotest NF 0.5G chrome-free

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For road safety

Disposable chemical asthylotest NF 0.5G chrome-free

It detects when a driver's blood alcohol level exceeds 0.5g/L, the maximum level authorized by the Highway Code (0.5g/L of alcohol in the blood corresponds to 0.25mg/L of alcohol in exhaled air). This breathalyzer is used in the context of road safety and the fight against drink-driving. This breathalyzer is extremely easy to use, and takes less than a minute to measure. If, after blowing, the yellow tube turns green/blue, the breathalyzer is positive. Chromium-free chemical breathalyzer complying with NF NFX20-702 standards, with single-use mouthpiece. Individually traceable packaging. Expiration date: 07/2023 Storage temperature: -20°c to 70°C Temperature of use : 10°c à 40°C

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